Posted: July 11, 2016 in Midas News

Mike Midas James V Terrence Sorrell – Vacant Ultimate Boxing Super Middle weight Title. Mike lost on pts over 3 rounds 30-27. Paulius Elinauskas V Rob McGee. Paulius won on pts over 3 rounds 30-25. Midas V Sorrell was a great hard fought battle and to be honest i didn’t match his work rate. Carrying and injury does make you change your fight plan but no excuses Sorrell had an awesome work rate and with all my experience and tricks i just couldn’t pull it out the bag but the rematch is on the September show. Paulius put in a flawless performance in beating Mcgee he boxed well dropping Mcgee heavily at the end of the 1st round McGee showed bravery in getting up. Paulius then controlled the action for the rest of the fight to win a comfortable clear points win. Paulius will fight for a Junior Title in September. Please support Midas Boxing join the Facebook page click the linkMIDAS BOXING UB29



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