Posted: June 29, 2017 in Midas News

Lots of people going on about the Mayweather Vs. McGregor fight so here’s the skinny. Don’t begrudge any fighter making good money in combat sport because it’s fucking hard. In the fight game, we all know about dodgy managers and greedy promoters who wouldn’t have a show without the fighters but don’t want to pay them and make them sell tickets instead of paying them wtf. Combat sport is the most damaging physically and mentally demanding and unforgiving of sports. I can name a long list of boxers, world champs and fan favourites who were left penniless with nothing but brain damage and fading memories. The fact that these 2 superstars can generate this kind of money and never have to fight again and secure the future for their families good for them. All the fighters moaning and promoters slagging it off would jump at the chance to be involved with that sort of revenue from one fight. As for the fight itself, an MMA fighter has a better chance against a boxer in a boxing match than the other way around. Let’s face it once it went to the floor in an MMA match it would be over. In a boxing match, it’s a bit more even but the boxer would have a huge advantage. But this is Floyd Mayweather were talking about the best defensive fighter in history against a MMA superstar in his first boxing match. In either situation Boxing or MMA every fight is one punch away from ending that’s what makes combat sport so interesting. A fighter could lose every round then score a KO in the last 10 secs. I’m not saying this will happen but this fight is huge because you have one of the greatest boxers in history against the biggest personality in world sport and it’s the fans who wanted this fight. Mayweather should have no problem with McGregor but we all hold on to the punchers chance for McGregor and that will keep it interesting and build the hype right up until the bell rings.

Mike Midas James


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